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Club Regulations

  • Our goal is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our members. With that, we ask for your help. The following rules and regulations must be followed by all members, staff and contractors/instructors;

  • A fitness assessment must be completed within the first two weeks of membership start date for all members. An assessment must be completed by all students/members. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Members must wear appropriate exercise attire at all times. A shirt must be worn to cover the upper body, shorts must be mid-thigh or longer; socks and athletic shoes are also required. The clothing must be for exercise purposes. Therefore, casual clothing is not allowed. No jeans, jean shorts, running shorts, or any article of clothing with zippers or rivets. No open-toed shoes, open-backed shoes, boots, sandals, or casual shoes are allowed. Failure to dress properly will result in denial to workout.

  • Disrupting or interfering with the workout of another member is not allowed. Superset style workout is permitted, however other members are allowed to join in between sets when the machine is not in use.

  • Respect the rights of others by using courteous and appropriate behavior. Profanity is not allowed.

  • Observe proper personal hygiene by showering regularly, wearing clean clothing and using deodorant.

  • Members must wipe off all equipment after use. Disinfectant and paper towel is available throughout the gym. Towels are available at the front desk upon arrival.

  • Fitlife Gym is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. Valuables should be secured in lockers. You must bring your own lock and remove it at the end of your workout. Items will not be held at the front desk. NO bags, coats or personal items are allowed in the fitness center or the aerobics studio.

  • Eating is prohibited on the gym floor.

  • Only Fitlife Gym instructors are allowed to provide instruction on exercise technique or equipment preparation and adjustments.

  • Fitlife Gym members should report all equipment malfunctions, personal injuries and specific concerns immediately to the staff.

  • If any member or student violates any rule or regulation they will be subject to the following procedure:
  • Verbal warning - members will be informed by Fitlife Gym staff members of any violation.
  • If a second warning is necessary, a written warning will be issued.
  • If a third warning is necessary, MEMBERSHIP WILL BE REVOKED WITHOUT REFUND.